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We have prepared a menu that will help in a variety of management issues


We provide consulting related to corporate management. proaxia consulting (head office: Switzerland) on the basis of a partnership with, we will provide the best solution experienced consultants for consultation on global management with the aim of future market expansion.


Small IT consulting and development, the business bidder to perform the operation, we have prepared a membership club to support both sides of the business and welfare. Unlike the mechanism of work introduction of mechanisms and human resources matching in the conventional world, in addition from the support of human resource development to provide project information, back to the office work and welfare, to help the day-to-day operation of the business bidder in total

Pro Axia Consultants Business Consulting Group in Osaka, Tokyo, Nagoya, Japan: SAP cloud mobile application

SAP cloud mobile application built by LightSwitch



Integration of SAP and its system in the non-programming. And you can build cloud mobile enabled applications.

  • There is no waste in the application in which it was full advantage of the existing resources, called composite applications.
  • You develop quickly and low cost in RAD development using LightSwitch of Microsoft's offer, it called the Web of Accesss.


Composite application development


SAP and the existing system is a solution that works in the as if one of the system so SharePoint. The existing resource system is inexpensive and rapid development in order to take full advantage of it is expected. Of course, the application created since the cloud mobile correspondence becomes widely available.



Demo scenario


Using the LightSwitch of applications that you want to edit and add the inventory information in the product information managed by SAP demo site is.



This demo " How to build a cloud business app with SAP data has been created based on the technical information". The nearly can create such applications in the non-code is the feature of this solution. In solutions facing the casual development, such as little additional functions, but want to add a little only function in the SAP system, please consider once more the cost of add-on development had to give up because of the high.


Service contents

  • Development of SAP applications using LightSwitch
  • Cloud Mobile application development using LightSwitch


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